Intensive Courses in Tunbridge Wells

Intensive Courses in Tunbridge Wells

Intensive Driving Course

Intensive Courses in Tunbridge Wells, and in the surrounding areas, are structured learning programmes for students who want to learn quickly and safely. I can offer a selection of learning programmes for Intensive Courses in Tunbridge Wells depending on your current driving experience level to help you pass your driving fast.

On average it takes a beginner driver 45 hours of instruction to reach test standard. I can tailor an Intensive Course in Tunbridge Wells to fit in with your schedule to complete the required instruction as quickly and as safely as possible. I will do everything I can to help you get ready for your practical test within the time scale you request.  

Intensive Courses in Tunbridge Wells range from a 40 hour, one to one, 8 day intensive course for new drivers who have never driven before, to a 2 day, 10 hour course for students seeking to identify and correct driving faults that caused them to fail a previous test.

Please call to discuss your requirements and current driving experience level so that I can provide the best possible Intensive Course for you.

Pass Plus Driving Course in Tunbridge Wells

Newly qualified drivers, especially those within the ages of 17 to 21 can be vulnerable due to nerves or even excitement. These drivers are more likely to be involved in incidents that can commonly lead to accidents.

My PASS PLUS courses help new drivers to increase both their confidence and their awareness of the many dangers, which can be found on today’s roads. Experience over time will of course improve all aspects of driving but those first few months can be a daunting time for new drivers when facing difficult junctions, obstacles, dangerous / inconsiderate drivers, pedestrians and other road users.

The added financial benefit is that most major insurance companies support the Pass Plus course. Some may offer discounts of up to 30% on first insurance policies taken out by newly qualified drivers. Savings in excess of £600 are very common when you insure your car after taking a Pass Plus course.